Monday, May 11, 2009

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This environment can be found at

One of three useful lifts clients will use to move about the environment. Seen a lift which acts as transport between the bridge itself and Barrack Obama's area.

Power the focus of this model, i chose harsh, jaggered lines that are aggressive and reoccuring.

A shape used in the environment at draft stage in sketchup.

The dining table in which i chose a very relaxed design which promotes a comfortable familiar atmosphere in which the clients are to meet.

Draft stages in Sketchup of movers and impoorted objects used at all levels of the environment.

As i have chosen to work with the two clients: Madonna and Obama, I chose to create one building (representing power) as a structure built from one material that appears to be one sheet that has been divided into two separate almost opposing areas. On one side Madonna and on the other Obama. I find that they share a common ground of both being influential people who have individually had quite an impact on society however both are so different.

These textures, i chose a slightly different approach- experimenting with ink was greatly beneficial for this task and others.
The draft model of the building: Created in google sketchup to scale, proved problematicwhen taken over to UT.




Obama could make a pick based solely on race or sex - though it's not clear why the most empathetic judges are minorities or women - to please parts of his coalition. But if the president wants to secure the success of his economic, political, and national-security objectives, he should remember FDR's example and choose a judge who believes in the right of the president and Congress, not the courts, to make the nation's policies. If Obama shoots for empathy instead, he will give Senate Republicans yet another opportunity to rally around a unifying issue where they better represent the majority of Americans.
Miuccia Prada

The rise of Mrs. Prada, as she is known to her Italian staff members, is a well-known tale—your basic story of a onetime communist and mime student from Milan who takes over her family's dusty luggage company and, with the help of her go-getting husband, turns it into a luxury conglomerate that in 2002 had revenues of about $1.9 billion.


Almost three decades in the business and while reports suggest her marriage might have hit the rocks of late, there's no denying that Madonna has left an indelible mark on the music scene.
She's now inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and her personal wealth is staggering. She has every reason to be pleased with herself. It'll be a very happy 50th!,10233,528719_716114-2,00.html

Monday, April 6, 2009


If you have a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 please feel free to have a look at this environment I created as part of Arch1101|_Nicholas|_Hobbs.ut2

Initially an image not taken in the game, merely in the editor. The level is predominantly fairly dark and is best seen in the actual Game itself. Comprising of one main area for Keith Campbell and three Chambers for Alfred Nobel's Lab, the meeting place is made up of two ramps which are both influenced by sketches shown deeper within this blog.

The second ramp which connects Campbell's Lab to the meeting place ramp. I decided to use the Axonometric sketch that is a series of squares which have a hole in their centre at different angles. This was an easy choice for me as this image for me stood out.

This image shows the ramp bridging Alfred Nobels Lab to that of Keith Campbell. As Campbell's Lab was to more or less become the centrepiece of the model i thought it necessary to show it more extensively. It protrudes from the cliff face beautifully like an effigy the best way to represent Campbell and his work (other than the most obvious method to clone a building) was to depict the technology and his interest in technology.

This angel, more appropriate when viewing the environment using the actual gaming software. The "ribs" protruding from the side of the structure are live animated textures which further illustrate Campbell's interest in technology.

These protruding cylinders which are encompassed by a custom light/dark texture are at the top of the meeting place on a ramp which leads to Alfred Nobel's laboratory which consists of three chambers, each with a unique sense of style and ambience alluding to his mention of ".. hiding truths nakedness" The top level has a glass floor from which the other two chambers can be seen.

This Image give a detail on a custom texture while showing the top level of Alfred Nobel's Labratory

Alfred Nobels lab showing the upper chamber looking out towards Campbell's. The moody darker lighting intentionally giving a much more sombre ambience.

Inside Alfred Nobel's lab, the low light further demonstrated, also both entrances to the chamber shown.. Further custom textures applied.

The view from the meeting place I feel is quite impressive as Campbell's Lab appears to float even though it is clearly supported from underneath.

This view shows a silhouette of the geometry that makes up Campbell's Lab. Taken directly from an axonometric sketch made up of a series of rectangular prisms layered on each other in an ordered fashion, a tower is created that has an almost cathedral feeling to it which inspired me to place a steeple at the crest.

From the entrance to Alfred Nobel's Lab, a lobby which gives a view of Campbell's lab at "ground" level.

|| -ElectroLiquidAggregation- ||
I HOPE to explain NATURES VALE for HIDING technologies positive NAKEDNESS.

Made from:"I want to try to explain to people the positive uses for this technology"
Keith Campbell


"Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness."
Alfred Nobel

This gives a fresh perspective on both quotes as a new meaning is brought by blending the two.

From the Little Black Sketch Book-

With these Axonometric experiments I learnt fairly quickly the importance in being delicate and deliberate. The second image of the set of three in the bottom left and the upper right are the two Axonometrics from which I drew inspiration for the ramp. Each element has been recreated, the same number and the same direction and then had custom textures applied to them in order to attract attention as a key element in the model.

The thirty six custom textures gave me an insight into Light and shadow. I favour the wavy texture which i think i would use again in the future.

Parallel projections were initially what I started to sketched instead of Axonometrics. I look forward to perspective drawing as I found these projections lacked something. As one face of each faces the viewer they are almost dry if they can be described as such.

"Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness." - Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896).

"I want to try to explain to people the positive uses for this technology"
Keith Campbell

“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders" Jacques Cousteau

I have chosen to study Alfred Nobel and Keith Campbell.

These two men have had such an impact and are both highly influential for very different reasons. With this in mind i hope to create two spaces that will represent them both as they are to me- very different.